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Introducing....Abi Mattingley!

A day in the life of an internship at Game PR

Abbie Mattingley is an intern at Game PR.  She's in her second year studying Public Relations and Communications at Leeds Beckett University

Tell us about a day at Game PR...

It’s great because my daily briefs are really varied. I get to work with a range of clients on lots of different projects. I'm often selling in press releases to publications in many different sectors including beauty, fashion, lifestyle, business and facilities. I get to liaise with bloggers and journalists and build relationships to try and get as much coverage for our clients as possible!

What skills have you developed during your internship?

I have definitely become more confident in my telephone manner, something that is extremely important when working in PR. The main thing I've learnt is general knowledge of how the PR industry works. Although my degree is extremely helpful, doing an internship alongside has really shown me a how an agency works in the real world - it’s definitely been more practical than the modules we are taught in the classroom.

Would you recommend an internship to other students?

Definitely. Although it’s important to learn all the basics of PR whilst at university, I don’t think anything can give you as much insight into the PR industry than actually working in it! Not only that, it’s a great way to build contacts and skills ready for when you graduate.

If you're interested in work experience at Game PR, contact Victoria Filtness on

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