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Is this the best PR fail of all time?

Protein World reaps the benefits of a brilliant PR fail

Unless you've been hiding under a bolder somewhere in a dark cave you'll have heard the controversy around Protein World and it's "beach body ready" campaign. 
I have to start this post by being honest....the campaign actually doesn't offend me. 
The sight of a girl in a bikini with the tag line "Are you beach body ready?" certainly doesn't make me want to deface a poster or start a backlash social media campaign. But, in the spirit of being honest, I've also got serious respect for those people who do feel passionately about it and have the conviction to stand up for their beliefs. Girl power, sisters.
However, the thing that intrigues me most about this campaign is that despite the massive amount of negativity around how it objectifies women and perpetuates a dangerous myth about body's still resulted in more than £1 million in direct sales. 
According to Marketing magazine, Protein World spent £250,000 on media which included outdoor ads on the London Underground, but the allegiance of "brand fans" it created could never have been predicted and the polarisation of opinions has done nothing but increase the bottom line. 
The old adage "all PR is good PR" rings fairly true in this instance...they're never going to win any awards and the crisis comms could have been better (responding to social media posts with winky emoticons surely wasn't in the crisis hand book?) but it's definitely the best PR fail I've ever seen. 
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