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The one that guaranteed sunshine

A PR stunt we love

One thing I've always loved about PR is how PR people are always willing to give credit where credit is due. A great campaign deserves to be shouted about!
This one in particular is worth a shout, a luxury travel company has offered brides and grooms the guarantee of fair weather and clear skies for their wedding day using a crack team of cloud busters. 
As a bride-to-be, this stunt from luxury travel firm Oliver's Travels ticks all the right boxes for me:
1. It mocks the belief that summer weddings are worth the premium you'll pay for them (which in this case is £100,000)
2. This was a relatively unknown travel firm (compared to the likes of Sandals, Virgin Holidays, and Mark Warner) who had a brilliant idea - you can almost see the grain of an idea in a brainstorm taking shape
3. Every piece of coverage (and there were a lot, including the holy grail Daily Mail Online) was littered with carefully crafted key messages; "The luxury travel company, which organises destination weddings in stately homes and castles in England, France and Italy as well as beach weddings in the Caribbean" which is frankly A PR DREAM
4. It's wedding related and for Bridezilla here, that's a bonus
Now, where and how do I book a pilot to blast the iodide particles that may be lingering in late September around the Derby area? 
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