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The power of celebrity in PR

Key influencers, brand advocators, whatever you want to call them...

Celebrity engagement as a PR tactic
The most 'liked' image on Instagram in 2014 was Kim Kardashian's wedding picture, in which she stood in front of a wall of flowers (naturally) and kissed her new husband. It received nearly 2.5million likes. 
Is it just me or does that blow anybody else's mind? 2.5 MILLION people double tapped the same picture of two newlyweds kissing on their wedding day.
We are completely and utterly celebrity obsessed and social media allows us to feel like we're friends with our favourite celebrity. We can double tap and signal our approval with them just as we would a photo of our colleague's lunch.
So as PR practitioners, we should be utilising this celebrity obsession and, where relevant, including an element of targeted celebrity endorsement into PR strategies. 
The problem of course, is cost. Some brands don't have £10k to drop on Millie Mackintosh in return for 10 tweets and 4 Instagram posts. 
And that's where cleaver PR, good contacts, persistence, reactivity and a bit of creativity comes in! Celebrity endorsement won't be relevant for every brand, but for those that want to try it, get in touch with us - we can work with teeny tiny budgets and massive go-hard-or-go-home budgets. 
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